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The stones I work with speak to me in a way and guide my designs. I find inspiration in nature, the elements, the cosmos, and sounds. My natural intuition and a keen eye for observation help me see the unseen in things and people. I have the privilege to leverage this ability in service of others, with the intention to empower the wearer and honor the beauty within. This makes me feel as though I am living my purpose. When my customers look at their jewelry I hope they feel the divine connection that brought that piece into manifestation; I want them to see a reflection of their highest self. 

Of course, I also create just for fun- not everything is such a serious process. I love to play with new materials or explore new styles and shapes. But the universe juice, the food for the soul, is in my custom work. 



My custom work begins with a design consultation and concept meeting, free of charge. Meetings can be made by appointment and done remotely through various video chat platforms or in-person. Once we have an agreed-upon budget, timeline, and design in mind, the magic unfolds. I strive to channel the energy of the stone combined with the vision of the wearer to create something truly personalized and unique. 


Custom pieces are priced depending on numerous factors such as timeline, availability, materials used, and overall scope of the project. Payment plans are available. 


I source my gems and materials from several trusted and often local dealers and rockhounds. Customers are welcome to provide a special stone they want to use as well. 


If you have a piece you’d like to have created, please contact me for additional details and pricing.


Thanks for submitting!

You can also shop for ready-made and made-to-order items in our online store:

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